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The Lucas A. Ferrara 
Film Fund

We run the Lucas A. Ferrara Film Fund, which supports emerging writers.

Our last set of applications saw over 100 scripts submitted, and the first project made with the fund premiered at a BAFTA Qualifying festival.

Thanks to the wonderful Producer Lucas A. Ferrara, we have created award-winning projects through the fund.

We strive to help make the industry as accessible as possible, and so are proud that the fund is free to apply to.

Bibimbap for One

The first project to be created through the fund is 'Bibimbap for One' written by Daniel Kaszas.

Bibimbap Full Still.png

Starring Ioanna Kimbook and Alexander James Simon, the film premiered at BAFTA Qualifying Norwich Film Festival, and has recently screened at BIFA-Qualifying Manchester Film Festival and won an Award at BIFA-Qualifying Little Wing Film Festival.


Written by Toto Bruin

Twofold Still.png

As New Year's Eve festivities are underway on the floor above, in a single-take snapshot, Allie and Erin have a chance encounter down below. But when Allie recognises Erin from over a decade ago, the past breaks the surface, and fireworks ensue. 

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