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Mentorship Programmes

For working-class Filmmakers & Actors

We're proud to be launching our first mentorship programmes for actors & filmmakers.

Over the course of the year, we will work with the mentees to give them free advice, support, connections and resources.


Broken Flames is run by creatives who know just how hard it is to make those first steps into the industry, especially if you're from a working-class background.

We're excited to be launching our first mentorship programmes, where we will do all that we can to help progress the careers of an actor and a filmmaker.

The goal is to offer two individual artists bespoke in-depth advice so they can progress their careers with the support of our team. 

How it will work:

  • One filmmaker and one actor from a working-class background will be supported by the company for a period of 12 months, with at least one advice session per month on a subject of their choosing. 

  • Support will include but is not limited to networking, career advice, feedback on materials and one-to-one sessions with industry professionals.

  • Both the acting mentee and the filmmaking mentee will also recieve different resources depending on their discipline, thanks to our wonderful sponsors.

We know how difficult it can be to make your first steps into the industry, and although we don't have decades of experience, we feel we can provide support and advice to those just getting started.

The industry can be an isolating place and we want to be able to provide emerging creatives with somewhere they can turn to.  

The current programme will run from May 2023 until May 2024.


With thanks to our wonderful sponsors, the mentee will receive:

Stewart is a top London based photographer whose work ranges from headshots, portraits, editorials, and his incredible exhibition & book project 'milkmjölk'.

IntAct Creatives is a multifaceted company paving the way for wellbeing and safety in the entertainment industry. It is the first of its kind and groundbreaking in its initiative and offer of six vital pillars of service; A Directory of wellness and safety professionals that specialise in the entertainment business, IntActs in-house Coaching and Consultancy services, Incident Reporting, Community and Events, and IntAct Productions. 

IMG_0975 2.JPG

Zyrenka is a Casting Director whose recent projects include one of our shorts 'Twofold'. Having worked for CD's including Lucinda Syson, Dixie Chassay and Anna Kennedy, recent projects include Netflix's Red Notice.


A headshot session with Stewart Bywater

A coaching session and ticket to an IntAct Event of your choosing

A one-to-one with Casting Director Zyrenka Cox


Actors must be UK based, 18+ and from a working-class background to apply.


Why do actors need to be from a working-class background to apply?

- A large proportion of the industry is made up of people who attended private school, even though private school pupils make up only around 8% of the UK population. We're proud that Broken Flames is run by state school educated creatives, and want to help bridge the gap in the industry.

Why do actors need to be from London to apply?

- For the first year of the programme, we are starting off small and want to make sure we help the mentee to the best of our abilities. As we're based in London, we are currently only opening it up to London-based actors, but do hope to be able to expand to more regions in the future. 

Can I apply if I will be turning 18 during the programme?

- You may only apply if you are 18 or over on the final day that applications are open.

What will be required of me if I am selected?

- You will be offered monthly one-to-one sessions with the team, that will be worked around your availability. You will also be offered a range of things from our sponsors and from services we offer, which will again be worked with your schedule. Sessions will be a mixture of online & in-person, depending on the availability of all involved parties.

Do I require any specific previous credits to apply?

- Not at all, applicants require no previous credits or experience to apply, though we will be looking for those who are committed and passionate about a career in the industry.

Do I need to have a spotlight link?

- No spotlight link is needed, though if you're able to provide an alternative of a recent self-tape etc that would be very useful!

When do applications close?

- Applications close at 23:59 pm on the 22nd May


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